h2o Charles Town Wastewater Plant improvement project


Letter of appreciation

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Snyder Environmental Systems for their outstanding work on the recent Charles Town Wastewater Plant improvement project. This project was a retrofit of existing old style MBR filtration equipment to new and upgraded MBR filtration equipment requiring a complete demolition of the old equipment and installation of the new equipment.

This project started just before the COVID 19 outbreak and H2O Innovation was unable to send anyone to this site to verify dimensions, make more detailed drawings and piping measurements. With the summer season coming to an end and cold weather greatly affecting the operation it was with great urgency that Charles Town be operational before freezing conditions set in.

The field crew from Snyder environmental was very efficient in the installation and retrofitting of existing piping to the new equipment. There were hurdles and obstacles to overcome but the retrofit was completed in time to make the weather deadline.

I would like to thank Kaz Link and Chuck Goff and his crew for the long days and having to field fit some piping and equipment. Some days were before daylight and after darkness set in onsite. Their commitment was always there.

Thank You

Bill Youels

Senior Commissioning Specialist

H2O Innovation USA Inc.