Lennox Cuzzart Water Line Project

This project included the installation of 13 miles of various sizes of water main, services, fire hydrants and related appurtenances. This project was completed in 2014.

Sabraton Storm Water Project

This project included the installation of 1100 feet of precast concrete box culvert, inlets, headwalls, and an overflow culvert. This project increased the conveyance capacity of the storm water infrastructure that accommodate the flows of Hartman Run stream. This project concluded in 2014.

Gallitzin Borough Sewer System Replacement

This project consisted of the replacement of 55,000 feet of sewer mains, 25,000 feet of lateral service piping, manholes and associated appurtenances. This project began in the Spring of 2015 and concluded a year later.

Hollidaysburg Borough Sanitary Sewer Improvements

This project consisted of the installation of 30,000 feet of sewer mains, 12,000 feet of lateral piping, 4,000 feet of storm, and 160 manholes. This project was completed in Spring of 2017.

Lower Yoder Sanitary /Storm Seperation Project Phase II Contracts 2016-01 & 2016-02

These projects consisted of 45,000 feet of sewer main rehabilitation via sliplining, 400 manholes, and 40,000 feet of service lateral piping. Contract 02 was completed Fall of 2017 and Contract 01 will conclude Summer of 2018.

Dulles Metrorail Project, Phase I

Working as a subcontractor for Dulles Transit Partners, LLC, SES completed in excess of 70 bored and jacked crossings ranging from 12” to 60” in diameter and 40’ to 240’ in length. The carrier pipes installed through the bores included RCP storm drains, gravity sanitary sewer, sanitary force mains, water mains and electric & communications conduits. At one point SES had six crews assigned to the project, completing bores and installing carrier pipe.

WV School for the Deaf & Blind Indoor Pool

The West Virginia School for the Deaf & Blind in Romney, WV had spent a considerable amount of time and money repairing the ceramic tile liner in their indoor swimming pool only to discover that a pipe running from the drain box located at the bottom center of the pool to a mechanical room was leaking. To avoid damaging the tile pool liner, the school contracted SES to use a trenchless method to replace the leaking drain pipe. Using a transit and measuring tapes, SES surveyed the building and used their measurements to draw a plan and profile view of the building. SES then set up a small boring machine in the mechanical room (which was one floor below the pool deck), and proceeded to bore and jack a 6” steel casing through the block wall, under the tiled pool floor and into the drain box in the middle of the pool. A new 4” drain line was installed through the 6” casing and the tile liner wasn’t disturbed!