Corporate Safety Overview

Safety at Snyder Environmental Services (SES) is not just a corporate goal, safety is a REQUIREMENT!

Working safely is a condition that each S.E.S. employee must be aware of and adhere to in order for the company to be successful. Practicing safety is also a condition that each and every one of our engineers, architects, surveyors, subcontractors, vendors, sales reps. and job-site visitors must adopt when being on our projects.

It is the commitment of Snyder Environmental Services, Inc. to uphold safe and efficient work execution, continuous protection of the environment and the
safety and welfare of our employees, the public and the communities in which
we work.

Philosophy and Goals

Snyder Environmental Services, Inc. requires the full commitment from our management and leadership to uphold a ‘zero accident’ philosophy. Full execution of our prevention-based safety programs is mandated for all employees of our company and, it is our belief, that all accidents are preventable.

Snyder Environmental Services, Inc. firmly believes that full management and employee commitment to this ‘zero accident’ philosophy must take precedence in order for all projects and work assignments to be considered successful and complete.

S.E.S. management is fully committed to supporting this philosophy and enforcing the provisions within our safety policy to ensure that we achieve our goal of “ZERO ACCIDENTS” as the only condition we will accept. Each S.E.S. employee must always work in such a manner of protecting not only themselves, but others with the mindset of each task being ‘what can go wrong – will.’