Utility Construction

Whether it’s installing a service lateral to a single house or reconstructing a City’s entire waste water collection system, you can be confident that SES has the knowledge and resources to get the job done. Our experienced staff works with clients demonstrating the utmost professionalism and precision. With over forty years of utility experience, we have developed the skills necessary to safely execute even some of the most difficult utility projects.

Our crews have the ability to install water lines, sewer lines and storm water lines. We are also able to fuse HDPE pipe, perform horizontal boring and replace lines using trenchless technology. Every year these crews install hundreds of thousands of feet of these utilities.

Each crew has the required safety equipment, heavy equipment and knowledge to complete your project. Our foremen are experienced professionals, capable of dealing with the challenges presented to them on a daily basis.

Our crews are well versed in managing existing utilities, traffic, obstacles and a wide variety of situations encountered during utility installation.

There is no job too small, no pipe too large. We are recognized as the contractor of choice for all your utility needs.

Trenchless Technology Services

Snyder Environmental Services, Inc. (SES) has served the Mid-Atlantic region with trenchless services in any ground condition since 1979. We pride ourselves in completing every project we start, no matter how challenging. We typically run four to six crews capable of completing horizontal bore and jacks and tunnels, using both steel casing pipe and reinforced concrete jacking pipe. We have completed trenchless crossings under highways, railroads, streams, wetlands, buildings, high pressure gas mains, protected trees and other structures. We have completed crossings from 4” to 84” in diameter and in excess of 400 feet long. We have certified welders on staff.

Our experienced self-sufficient crews are supplied with crew cab trucks equipped with welding machines, torches, generators, pumps, power tools and hand tools to get the job done. Our fleet of equipment includes numerous track hoes, shoring systems, ten boring machines, Robbins SBU’s (rock cutting heads) ranging from 24” to 48”, an Akkerman Guided Boring Machine (GBM) pilot tube system, TT Technologies GrundoPit (a pit launched directional drill), bentonite mixing and pumping equipment to aid pipe jacking, numerous pneumatic ground piercing tools and two tunnel machines.

We pride ourselves in being able to solve the inevitable problems which arise in this, often times challenging, underground construction specialty.

SES looks forward to teaming up with you on your next trenchless crossing.

Our Trenchless Technology Services offered are:

  • Standard horizontal Boring & Jacking (through dirt and rock)
  • Steered horizontal Boring & Jacking using a mechanical steering head
  • Steered Pilot Tube Boring with the use of a Guided Boring Machine (GBM)
  • Pipe jacking of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) jacking pipe
  • Mechanized tunneling using a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)
  • Small diameter rock bores using a Down the Hole Hammer
  • Large diameter rock bores using “Robbins SBU’s” single disc cutter heads
  • Cement grouting of annular spacers between carrier pipes and casings
  • Installation of small service lines using pneumatic ground piercing tools
  • Installation of service lines using TT Technologies “GrundoPit” machine
  • Pipe bursting
  • Slip lining

Treatment Plants

Snyder Environmental Services constructs, operates and maintains sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants and sewage pumping stations for various schools, towns, shopping plazas, hotels, nursing homes, campgrounds, private businesses and West Virginia State Parks and Housing Developments. There is a total of 29 treatment plants located within the Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson County area that Snyder Environmental has constructed or operates. The largest sewage treatment plant built and operated by Snyder Environmental Services is owned by Charles Town Races and Slots and has a capacity of 250,000 gallons per day.

Pumping Stations

Snyder Environmental Services has constructed numerous sewage pump stations and portable water booster pump stations. We have also performed numerous projects that involve reconstructing pump stations, while maintaining the pumping of the existing flows during construction. These projects are certainly more demanding, but necessary, to maintain essential services.

Mechanical Piping

Snyder Environmental Services can provide all needs associated with Commercial Plumbing or Mechanical installations. All of our plumbers are licensed in the State of West Virginia. This division has the experience, takes pride in their work and seeks customer satisfaction, making them superior in their field. We have done numerous restaurants, office buildings and an inpatient nursing facility.

Sewage Line Cleaning and Video Pipe Inspection

Snyder Environmental Services has two high pressure sewer cleaners/jetters, a compact sewer cleaner/jetter and four video pipe inspection cameras.

Vacuum Truck Services

Snyder Environmental Services also provides trucking of leachate for various West Virginia State closed landfills. Leachate is an environmental byproduct of closed landfills hauled from a collection pumping station to an approved treatment facility. We also haul waste water treatment plant sludge and transport waste water for treatment as the need arises.

Emergency Services

Snyder Environmental Services is ready for any emergency need or challenge that may arise. This includes water line breaks, sewage force main breaks, sewage pump stations that fail, water jetting clogged sewer lines, need of a vacuum tanker truck, emergency light plants, 4” or 6” water pumps or hauling of potable water. If the situation requires heavy equipment, Snyder Environmental services has a full fleet of Dozers, Loaders and Excavators to meet the need. Whatever the problem, Snyder Environmental Services will provide you with trained personnel and equipment to remedy your situation.