Southmont Borough Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project Phase II

This project includes the replacement of approximately 31,000 feet of sanitary sewer main and 30,000 feet of lateral piping using a combination of traditional excavation and trenchless technology. This project is currently underway and scheduled to conclude Fall of 2018.


Georges Joint Municipal Sewage Authority Contracts 2018-3 and 2018-4 – These contracts include approximately 100,000 feet of new gravity sewer main, 430 manholes, 7,600 feet of 8” force main, 15 jack and bores and related appurtenances. This project began Spring of 2018 and will conclude Spring of 2019.

Highland Sewer and Water Authority Sewer Rehabilitation Project

This project will include 13,500 feet of sewer main and 3,000 feet of lateral piping installed using trenchless methods. This project is scheduled to start Summer of 2018.

Town of Williamsport Phase II Water System Improvements Project

This project includes approximately 5,000 feet of new water line, 100 service connections, and 16” steel casing installed by bore and jack. This project is scheduled to start May of 2017